12-bottle Wine Shipper Box

NOW AVAILABLE WITH CARDBOARD INSERT OR POLYSTYRENE STYROFOAM INSERT (please note the cardboard/corrugated insert is STRONGER than Styrofoam also, higher shear rating as well)

An ISTA-approved shipper box such as this is required for your Wine Check - our patented design and utility is made to encapsulate the safety of a proven method of transporting wine.

Lose, damage, or throw out your 12-bottle shipper box with cardboard or Styrofoam inserts? Here are the models that we prefer using, as they fit most bottles.  3-pc set - box and 2-pc recycled cardboard or Polystyrene insert.  The cardboard shipper box CAN be folded flat for travel, though you might need to fold your box in half after folding flat.

NOTE: It is expensive to ship a shipper box, so before ordering from us, check to see if you can buy them locally.  Large wine shops have them in stock most of the time, and offsite wine storage facilities are also good places to check, to see if they will give you one, or sell you one.  Shipping to most parts of the country exceeds the cost of the box!  Item NOT eligible for free local delivery unless purchased in combination with a Wine Check

12-bottle Wine Shipper Box
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  • Cannot ship to: Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom
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