Capabunga Reusable Wine Bottle Cap

As we begin to feature products in wine travel and lifestyle that we feel accurately represent the uniqueness of The Wine Check, we are proud to feature Capabunga.  How many times have you stuck the cork back in a bottle of wine, tried to fit it in your refrigerator, and had to move all kinds of ketchup and salad dressing bottles, only to have the bottle clumsily situated at an angle, hoping desperately that it won't fall out when someone else opens the door?

Get Capabunga!  Sleek and space-saving, with funny slogans to boot!

We are selling Capabunga in 2-packs, with 2 combinations of slogans:

Wine Safe and In Case of Emergency Remove Cap!


Me Time and I earned it.

Choose your favorite at checkout, and be sure to include a set or two in your Wine Check order!

Capabunga Reusable Wine Bottle Cap
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