GoVino Shatterproof Wine Decanter

If you are here on our website, you likely travel with wine, which makes you VERY smart :)  As a very smart person, you realize that it is difficult - and often rude - to drink your treasured wine straight from the bottle.  You might be smart enough to also travel with shatterproof GoVino glasses (available on our online store, of course), but are you smart enough to travel with a shatterproof decanter, so that your fine wines have ample opportunity to breathe?  Did you know that the decanter fits in MOST Styrofoam shipper inserts??

  • Elegant
  • Shatterproof
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable

What more could you want?  We love traveling with GoVino glasses, so fill up your Wine Check with 9 bottles of wine, and save 3 spaces in the shipper insert for two red wine glasses, two flutes, and a decanter! (All available here in our online store)

Where Wine Meets Design
Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. govino was originally created as a trade tool to help professional salespeople showcase their wines whenever and wherever proper stemware isn't accessible – which as we learned firsthand, is often! Once we began testing the market, we realized there was an even bigger need for govino in the consumer sector, particularly at settings where breakable glass is an issue. After all, how many times have we all had to endure drinking good wine from bad glasses?

Why does the govino wine glass look and perform like crystal?
govino is made from a food-safe, BPA-free polymer, which reflects a wine's color and aromatics much like crystal. It is recyclable (#1), but better yet it is reusable.

Washing your govino glasses:
We recommend hand washing all govino products.

Reuse it, abuse it, but eventually recycle it!
To ensure the optimum wine tasting experience, we recommend replacing your govino products once they lose their luster.

govino decanter specifications
Height: 8.8 inches
Capacity: 28 ounces

GoVino Shatterproof Wine Decanter
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